5 School Holiday Photo Crafts

Depending on which state of Australia you’re in, the school holidays are either looming on the horizon, or in full swing right now. Winter holidays can be a mixed bag of beautiful clear days, or weeks spent hibernating under blankets near the heater while the rain pours outside. Having a few inside activities up your sleeve to keep the kids from getting bored just makes good sense, and lucky for you, we’ve got some great photo craft ideas to keep you all occupied for the winter break.

Bottle top fridge magnets

If you’re a fan of putting photos on your fridge (and who isn’t?), this quick and easy craft idea is a great one that the kids can help you with. Simply cut out your desired photos to the size of a bottle top, glue them in and attach magnet strips to the back. (Tip- you can use old magnets for your strips. The old calendar ones that real estate companies send out are great for this.) It won’t take long, and even younger school age kids can get involved.

Bottle top photo magnets

Image via: I’m Gonna DIY

DIY iPad cover

With more and more kids needing devices for school these days, this is a great way to set your child’s apart from the rest, and have some school holiday fun. You will need to purchase a transfer ready case, and some transfer paper, but apart from that, all you need are some great pics and an iron. More instructions at lil blue boo.

DIY iPad cover

image via:Lil blue boo

Make a scrapbook

Kids love being able to make things that they can look back on, and mini scrapbooks are great for that kind of thing. Even if you haven’t had an actual ‘holiday’ you can use these photo books to remember a fun day, or even to tell a made up story. Consider working together to tell the story of a favourite toy with photos, print them on your Pringo mini wi-fi printer, and then back them on some nice paper, and you’re all set. An illustrated masterpiece that you will enjoy looking back on. More instructions over at A Beautiful Mess.

mini scrap books

Image via: a beautiful mess

Make a Canvas Collage

Older kids love taking photos, and their devices can be overflowing with selfies and random, but important-to-them, moments. Kids of this age (girls in particular), also often enjoying decorating their room in their own style, so why not combine the two loves and create one masterpiece? It’s as easy as buying a blank canvas, painting and decorating it as you like, and attaching photos with glue or washi tape. The end result is something they can look back on for years to come. This one from Crafts Unleashed is perfect and simple.


Photo Blocks

Blocks are one thing that just about every small child enjoys playing with at some point, and perhaps even older ones as well. If you’ve got little kids at home, try making these gorgeous photo blocks. They are simply put together with wooden blocks, Modge Podge and photos (add a layer of paint if you like), and can be played with as soon as they are dry. Tiny hands can help ‘paint’ the Modge Podge on, and what child doesn’t love going to town with glue? (Older kids could manage this craft activity on their own, with adequate supervision.)

Even if you don’t have any block-age children, photo blocks make a great ornament, and you can constantly rotate them to show different images. The gorgeous creations below are thanks to the Pinning Mama

DIY photo blocks

Image via: The Pinning Mama


Bonus: Toothpick painting.

OK so this one has nothing to do with photos, but it is a great school holiday activity to try. Toothpick painting using craft glue and funky neon paints on wooden shapes is a easy way to create some effective art. The kids will love it, and even little people can do it with ease.
(Double bonus: you could use this idea to make photo frames for gifts or display. So it technically is photo craft )


So there you have it; 6 activities to make your school holidays a fun, yet productive event, and give you all the more reason to give your Pringo mini wi-fi printer a work out. (As if you needed one ).

What’s your favourite? Or do you have your own photo craft ideas? We’d love to hear them.

Photography tips, it’s all about perspective

Have you ever been flicking through social media, and come across a photo that makes you look twice? And not because it’s an example of pure photographic genius, but rather because something doesn’t look quite right?

Probably you’ve stumbled across a picture that has been taken with the perspective or the angle skewed slightly, so that the end result is something wonderful or possibly terrifying.

Something like this perhaps:


perspective photo

Image via: Clickypix


A lot of the time those photos happen by accident; someone’s arm is in the wrong place, or someone turns their head and it looks like it ends up on another body. But it is possible (and relatively easy) to recreate some of these fun perspective photography ideas yourself. Here’s 3 tips to get you started:


1. What’s in the distance?


Most fun perspective pics occur because of some famous -or perhaps just interesting – object is in the distance, and as a result looks quite small. While the temptation can be to zoom in for a closer look, try capturing the moment by getting someone to ‘hold’, ‘push’, or even ‘eat’the object instead.




optical illusion photography

image via: funcage


perspective photo

Image via: flickr


When taking these pics, be sure to take quite a few; getting the angle just right can be tricky, but if you’re not afraid to experiment and keep trying, you can end up with an awesome photo, perfect for printing and sharing.


2. Change your perspective- literally


Most of the time- or pretty much, all the time, we take photos from front on. But what if you did it sideways?

Of course that’s not going to change a whole lot either, (cameras are often held sideways) but you can make a photo look as if you’ve taken it from an odd angle, just by getting creative with people placement.


perspective photo

Image via imgur


In this image all the girls are lying on the ground, near a foot path edge, but it’s made to look as if the guy is hanging on by a thread. Just be careful there are no vehicles around before you start lying on the ground :-).


handstand perspective photography

Image via: Deviant Art

If you turn your head upside down, you can see how easy this photo was to take, and then how effective it is when it’s displayed the wrong way around. For these photos it’s as simple as thinking of things you can lean against, sit on, or reach up to to.

3. Use Props

Props are always going to make photos fun, and even more so with perspective photography. Think of simple things like chalk drawings, an aerosol can, or even a photo itself.

chalk perspective photo

Image via: The Burgh Baby


Something like the below forced perspective image takes not much more than good timing, a prop, a camera, a twist of the head and a little imagination.

gods canvas forces perspective photo

image via: Delacor



Another thought is to get creative with your clothing. Think about how what your wearing will match with the background to creating stunning effects.


Forced perspective woman on beach

Image via: dumpaday

Of course once you’ve taken your fun filled perspective shot, what better way to share it than by printing it on your Pringo mini wifi printer. Then you can display it for all the world to see;  in whatever angle you like best.


What’s your favourite type of perspective photography?


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pregnancy BFFs

Inspiration for Taking Best Friend Photos

Take a moment and think about your best friend. Who is she? What does she mean to you? What would you do without her?

Or maybe your best friend is a he, and hes always been the rock youve leaned on when times are tough, or the one you’ve danced with, when everything is fine and dandy.


Having a best friend is one of the great gifts of life; you can do without a great many things, but you cant do without a person, and that person should be celebrated. Quite often we think to make time for photos with our families or our significant other, but we dont think to do the same for our bestie.


A picture tells a thousand words, and the story of a best friend is easily worth ten of those. Why not tell that story loud and proud with some best friend photos that reflect who you both are, and also where youve been and what you’ve shared?


Here’s some fabulous inspiration for taking photos with your BFF to capture the beauty of (and the reason for) your friendship:


Where did you meet?


All good friendships start somewhere, and what better way to remember that, than by recreating the memories of where it all began?


Take a stroll down memory lane, and think of where you were, when you knew that she was the one.


Did it start on a hot summers day, where the water was the only place to sit and chat and tell all your secrets?


Or on a shopping trip that you  will both always remember.

girls shopping in black and white

Image via: the berry


 Was the beginning the same as so many others? Just hanging out laughing, and showing each other who you are; discovering that you were kind of the same.


girls lying on bed, best friends

Image via: Buzz Feed

Maybe she has always been there, for as long as you can remember, and its time to recreate your childhood.


girls freckle tongues, black and white

Image via: indulgy


However it began, recreating the beginning is a great way to remember why you became friends in the first place.

girls motocross and heels

image via: Pinterest

How does she make you feel?


Best friends are best friends for a hundred different reasons. Stop and take a moment to think how your best friend makes you feel. What can you do with her, that you couldnt without her?


She makes me feel like I can touch the sky.


Best friend photos

Image via: Buzz Feed

She is there to pick me up when I fall.



She listens to me.

Best friends whispering secrets

Image via: Pinterest


She just gets me

Friends hanging out best friend photo

Image via: polyvore

She makes me smile


best friends photo

Image via: Lauren Fliddell

Where are you now?

Life changes, and friendship does too, hopefully growing stronger. Its fun to look at where youve come from, and its just as fun to celebrate where you are now.


Celebrating new relationships.

best friend wedding photos

Image via: Pinterest


 Best friends awaiting expectant arrivals.

Enjoying the novelty of a rare night out (perhaps get the photo at the beginning not the end of the night 😉 ).



Having fun with the things that arent fun at all.


laundromat BFF photo

Image via: Mailewilson

Wherever it started, whatever she means, wherever you are now, a best friend is a special gift worth celebrating. Why not capture that BFF love with photos. 

And don’t forget to print your photos with your Pringo smartphone photo printer so you can share your photos instantly with your BFF. 

pringo photo printer

What’s the best photo you have taken with your BFF?

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baby newborn scrapbook

Ideas for Scrapbooking Your Memories

We’ve talked a little bit before about scrapbooking here on the Pringo blog, and given you some basic scrapbooking tips to get you started. Now it’s time to share ideas for the types of memories and events you might like to scrapbook.

Chances are that if you’re a scrapbook addict with a craft group and an addiction to pretty paper, you will scrap anything and everything. But if, perhaps, you’re more of a novice scrapper, you might be a less inclined to showcase last week’s visit to the park, in favour of a more memorable lifetime event.


We’ve put together some ideas of memories you might find fill the pages of your scrapbook nicely, and in doing so, tell the story of you.


Welcome to the world

If you’ve got a little one, you’re going to want to have a first scrap book page to welcome them. This could be one page with important details, or several with before (belly shots) during, and after birth moments. It all depends on what you feel needs remembering, or, perhaps, forgetting ;).

baby newborn scrapbook 

First… (insert important first event here)

Scrapbooking is all about telling stories – your story – so your first ‘important event’might be different to someone else’s, but also could be similar.

Firsts to include could be:

  • first steps
  • first doll
  • first pair of shoes
  • first time at the park
  • first time at ballet/footy/gymnastics/other sporting event
  • first time fishing
  • first time camping
  • first day of school

…and you get the idea. There’s no rule here. If it was important to you, memorialise it.


child scrapbook

Image via: Essentially Jess

The story of us

This could be epic, but it also could be very simple. Your wedding day, engagement party, or just a memory of the moment you knew you didn’t want to be with anyone else. Better still, scrapbook your grandparents’ wedding day like this one below. Note the gorgeous embellishments and mementos from their special day.

wedding scrapbook

Image via: Here


Wish you were here

Those that have gone before leave their indelible marks on us, and creating a beautiful page for the family album, is just one way to acknowledge that memory. You could scrap a funeral, a happy last memory, or a beautiful tribute to who they were.

child scrapbook

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Or a winter one, or a camping trip or…the possibilities are endless. Holidays and travel are great for scrapbooking. Choose to remember the crazy big things you did, as well as the time you fed bread to a flock of ducks you found in a park. Whatever took your fancy at the time, is a memory you will want to remember.


paris holiday scrapbook

Image via: Flickr

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas photos are fun for a lot of reasons. Expectant little faces huddled around a tree, beautiful lights everywhere, and maybe granddad fell asleep on the couch after lunch. Scrapbooking these memories keeps them alive for years to come, and don’t forget to include a list of gifts that everyone received. It’s fun to remember the little details.


Achievement Unlocked

What have you done that you are really proud of? Or what major change have you made that opened up a whole new lifestyle for you? Maybe it was a graduation, starting a business, or making a move to a new place. Milestones are worth celebrating, and definitely earn a page in the scrapbook.


It’s all in the details

Ok so I said at the start that you may have no desire to scrapbook last weeks park visit, but maybe you do. Life is made up of big moments, and a thousand little ones, and they all deserve remembering. If you’re the sort of person who wants to record small moments, by all means go for it. You might find they are the most precious of all.

holiday scrapbook

Image via: Essentially Jess

And to make your scrapbooking experience even more simple you can use your Pringo portable mini wifi printer to instantly print from your iPhone, smartphone or tablet.


Are you a scrapbooker?

What are your favourite scrapbook-worthy memories?

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Free stamps and borders on the Pringo app

Well we know how much you love being able to print straight from your iPhone, smartphone or tablet with your Pringo mini printer. And we also know how much you love being able to add stamps, borders and text to your photos before you print them (yeah we love that too).

mother photo

And because we know how much you love adding stamps and borders, now every time you print a photo on your Pringo you can accumulate Prinfan points and then *drumroll please* exchange them for the extra special stamps and borders on the Pringo app. Until the end of July 2015, every 10 prints earns you 10 points, woot!

Now if you have no idea what Prinfan is, keep reading….

To find your Pringo points:

1. Click on the Pringo app on your smartphone or tablet, then tap the Members’ section:

pringo app

2. Tap the tab on the far right hand side, this takes you to the Points Redemption Page of the Pringo app. This page shows you how many points you have accumulated so far:

points redemption page

To redeem Pringo points and download borders and stamps

1. On the Pringo app on your smartphone or tablet, tap the Pringo shop at the bottom right.

Pringo shop

2. Select whichever stamps and borders take your fancy, some are free and some require points redemption.

pringo app

Then print to your hearts content.


If you don’t have your free Pringo app yet head to iTunes or Google Play to install it on your iPhone, iPod, smartphone or tablet.


Need some ideas for what else you can do with your Pringo? Head to our 20 ideas for using your Pringo post. We’d love to hear what creative things you’ve been doing with your Pringo printer.

What people think about the Pringo Smartphone Printer- Pringo Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers have said about the Pringo mini smartphone printer:


Jess from Essentially Jess said:

There’s also the immediacy of being able to share moments. I would have loved to have had this when we left Darwin, so I could have given Taylah’s friends some pics of their last moments together. Similarly, I was thinking it would be a great thing to have for kids birthdays. You could set up a mini photo booth and let them have a great time snapping away, and then print the best pics. It would make a great take home present. I think I may have to do that for parties this year…. 

Essentially jess pringo review

Read more


Brisbane Kids said:

Who else has hundreds of photos stored on their smartphone? Surely it’s not just me! I take all these photos, but never get around to doing anything with them. If you’re the same then you’re going to love, love, LOVE what I just found! And it’s great for so much more than just happy snaps and selfies! It’s a Pringo Portable Photo Printer and it is awesome!

Read more


Sunny Coast Kids said:

My kids and I had a ball creating the photos and then watching it print. The poses that they did just so we could print them out were quite funny. Then getting them to add the boarders, stickers and other extras brought about squeals of delight.

sunny coast kids pringo review

Read more


Anne from Domesblissity said:

A fabulous little portable device that just pops into your handbag and allows you to print any photo from your mobile phone or tablet.

domesblissity pringo review

Read more


Mandy from Barbie Bieber and Beyond said:

My girls have been having an absolute ball trying out all the features that the Pringo has. You can even design pretty borders and stickers to go on to your pictures.

barbie bieber and beyond pringo review

Read more


Dannie from A Dose of Dannie said:

Really this is so awesome you can even design your pictures to have patterns or a border , stickers. Your photo’s you chose how you want them to look fancy or plain.

a dose of dannie pringo review

Read more


A Kidspot Reader said

Overall I would highly recommend purchasing the Pringo Portable Photo Printer. We have had the product for three weeks and we have used the printer numerous times for a range of reasons. I would suggest that the Pringo Portable Photo Printer is suitable for use for families and also in the playgroup/daycare/school setting as it enables photos to be taken and printed immediately or later for use.

Read more


Another Kidspot Reader said

I’m not a computer whizz and even I could use this! My son and I had a great afternoon printing off pictures for a family collage for Nanna. We added filters and colour stamps to individualise the prints. And my son loved it as a craft activity. It really was that easy. 

Read more


The Crafty Mummy Said

Love it! It will get lots of use here across the holidays and especially for Christmas.

Read more


DIY photo frame

10 DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and it’s this time of year that we stop to really think about mums – who they are to us, what they mean…and how on earth to put all those thoughts into the perfect present.

Now every mum is going to differ in what they would prefer you do/not do, buy/not buy, make/not make, on this most special of all mothering days. However you don’t have to look too far past the mother proudly wearing a macaroni necklace in the shopping centre, to know that home made gifts are always well-received.

We’ve put together 10 fun and fabulous ideas for home made crafts and other DIY gifts for Mother’s Day sure to help make this year the best Mothers Day yet.


Cupcake Case Flower Arrangement

cupcake flower arrangement

Instructions at: Be A Fun Mum

How cute are these flowers? Mum will not only love the thought, but the fact that the vase is included with the bouquet. Not to mention most homes will have almost all the materials on hand, making this a quick and effective gift idea.

Scoubidou knotted key chains

Instructions at:

Instructions at: Instructables.com

When a bunch of Mums received one of these each for Mother’s Day last year they all chuckled because they were all over-sized and really long. However almost a year later there are still plenty  mums walking around the school-yard with their Scoubidou knotted key chains, (happy that they can still find their keys in their handbags) and a whole bunch of eight year olds proud as punch that their gifts are still in use.

Personalised Photo Flowers

photo face flower gifts

Instructions at: Ottawa Mommy Club

Mums are usually suckers for Photo gifts made from the heart. The best bit about these flowers, (apart from the super cute faces in the middle), is the fact that will be around for a lot longer than Mothers Day, and longevity in a gift is always welcome. The photos can be printed on your Pringo photo printer and cut to size.

Add them to a decorated pot, (these ones were done with a funky array of washi tape), and you’re sure to have a gift to please.


washi tape pots

Instructions at: Alex Toys


Colourful Hand Dotted Tumblers

hand dotted tumblers

Instructions at: Pop Sugar

For the mum who likes practical things she can use, rather than just look at, why not try these hand dotted tumblers? Easy for little kids, cost effective and they look good to boot. You could even try the same idea on wine glasses or coffee mugs, depending on what the mum in your life prefers to drink.

Mothers Are Angels on Earth Footprint.

mothers are angels footprint

Instructions at: Crafty Morning

This is a super cute way to immortalise tiny baby feet as well as send a beautiful message. It would be a wonderful way to mark a first Mothers Day.

A  Fun Photo Montage

chalk photos

Image via: The Burgh Baby

Photo montages are great not just for mums, but for grandmothers too; particularly those that don’t like nearby. They can be as simple to organise as choosing your favourite photos, a family photo, or having fun taking some new ones. The kids would love being involved in a project like this, and you can tailor the drawings and message to fit your family.

 Personalised Photo Frames 

DIY photo frame

Instructions via: Nine Red

Of course then what better way to present the photos than with personalised photo frames? These repurposed frames would be a perfect way to display your Pringo printed photos, and the best thing is you can keep changing the display depending on your mood and what photos you’ve recently printed.


Lovely Lavender Sachet

DIY lavender sachet

Instructions at: What no mints. 

This is a lovely idea, especially heading into the cooler months when rooms and cars can easily get stuffy. Older children should be able to do this with not to much trouble, and it’s sure to make any mum smile.


Painted Rock Garden Markers

rock gifts

Instructions at: Crafts By Amanda

Painted rock garden markers are a great gift idea for the mum who loves spending time in her garden. Fun and practical, they are bound to a be a winner.

So there you have it- 10 easy DIY gifts for Mother’s Day that won’t break the budget and will bring a smile to the face of that special mum in your life.



mothers day Pringo

Taking more photos: Guest Post Essentially Jess

When I first got a camera phone, all those years ago, I took a bunch of photos. I think everybody did- I mean how great was the novelty of a camera on a phone? Sadly those photos are lost now; buried in the graveyard where photos that get lost on technology go to rest.

That particular phone; a funky purple flip phone that I loved dearly was replaced by my very first iPhone, at about the time when Apple was starting to take over the world. The camera on that iPhone 4 was so much better than my previous one and I made use of it, taking photo after photo and video after video. This time, thankfully, I learned my lesson and managed to transfer them safely to my iTunes library, where they have sat, metaphorically gathering dust for the last three or so years.

That was until the other week.

Having upgraded that old iPhone 4, it now lives on as a iPod type device that the kids have requisitioned for Minecraft use, but the other day my little mate was checking out the photos. I thought I had removed all images from the devices, and it turns out I had, but the kids have added extra, and the old videos were still there. Among them the first steps of my youngest little girl, and a very cute discussion with my boy. The video in question is taken in a park in Darwin, where an army of cicadas is providing background music. Bailey, back then a chubby barely-three year old, dressed in a Buzz-Light year singlet and matching helmet, stops riding his Buzz-Light year bike (clearly there was a theme going there), climbs off and begins to look around the park suspiciously.

‘I can hear a snake,’ his little voice tells me.

‘I think it’s a cicada,’ I reply.

‘No mum. No,’ he tells me determinedly, wandering off the path and towards a tree. ‘I think it’s a snake. I think it’s a king brown snake.’ (At which point I seize the moment to launch into a discussion on snake safety, because with three year old boys, you just never know.)

‘A cow will kill it,’ he tells me matter of factly when I’m done.

‘Yes a cow might,’ I concede happily, if it means he won’t touch the snake.

‘But what if the king brown snake eats our cow?’ he asks.

‘Well that would not be cool,’ I say somewhat confused as to when we got a cow, and also what it’s doing declaring war on snakes. The video ends with us on the way home; he still quite certain the cicadas are snakes, and me not able to convince him otherwise for all the cows in Northern Australia.

Now to clarify, we don’t now, nor have we ever, owned a cow, but it is still quite possibly the cutest video clip ever. Not just to look at his chubby little legs push that tiny bike, but to hear the inflections in his voice; the way he said cow, and brown. The ways he has changed, and the way he hasn’t. And it got me thinking; we need to take more videos of this stuff. Of little people telling stories and walking through the park, and saying ‘our brown cow,’because those memories are the stuff you forget-  but more importantly, the stuff life is made of.

But it’s not just videos. I attended a funeral recently, and there was a beautiful video montage at the end. In a week full of bad news, and too many losses, looking at those images of a life that ended earlier than it should of, it made me realise that I  just don’t take enough photos.

Somewhere along the line I stopped taking pictures of the kids, or of me. I used to take photos and videos of everything, back when a camera on a phone was a novelty, but these days, I just don’t – not unless it’s really significant, or I need a picture for my blog.

It’s like I stopped seeing the importance of the story in photos, and as a result, stopped seeing the importance of the story of our lives. A conversation about a cow eating a snake is not going to change the world, but it’s got so much meaning to our family now, even if just for the cute factor.

It made me think that it’s the little moments that have significance; the things you would miss if they ended, and make you wish you had a thousand photos just to remember their importance. The moments that make you smile when you look back and remember;  the ones that would complete a video montage, at the end of a life lived well.

And so I have resolved to take more photos.boy with snake

Of everything.bridie in tree

Of places we visit that are boring and fun.kids party

Of the kids on their own, of us all together.

Photos of silly things and fun things. Photos of important moments, and unimportant ones. Photos of all the things that make us who we are.

Just a whole bunch of photos of everything. Because it’s all important, and it’s all part of our story.

It deserves being remembered.

About the author

jess and boatman

Jess is a mother of four gorgeous kids and is married to a bloke she refers to as The Boatman. Jess is the creative brains behind the blog Essentially Jess where she shares her world as a Stay at Home Mum muddling her way through life doing her best to remain authentic, hopeful and not too crazy. Jess is also a Grey’s Anatomy tragic and a frequent victim of autocorrect. Visit Jess over at Essentially Jess to say hi.essentially jess


8 must have photo editing apps to make your photos shine

So weve told you ways you can make your photos fun before you print them, but sometimes fun isnt the look youre going for. Weve all seen beautiful photos shared by friends, and wondered how to emulate them, and thankfully, with the abundance of photo editing apps now available, its never been easier to pretend youre a photography wizard.


To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of 8 must have photo editing apps to make your photos shine.



Platform: iPhone


This is a must have app if you plan on sharing your images on square based platforms such as Instagram. Because IG crops your photo into a square format, if your image is too big, or perhaps too long, you can end up cropping out important features. Squaready alters the image so that you lose none of that much needed detail, and can still share away. It also includes some filters as well as stickers and text options to play with, so its kind of a one-stop shop.

This is only available on iPhone, but if youre on an Android phone you could check out Squareit or Instasize.

Free in the App Store.

 square ready app

VSCO cam

Platform: iPhone, Android


This app comes with ten free filters, with the option to purchase more, and produces exceptional looking photos, that are able to be shared in all their high resolution glory. It features a side by side editing display for ease, and gives you the opportunity to sync your photos across multiple devices. It also works well with backlight, giving it an advantage over many other apps.

Free in the App store

vsco cam app 

Camera +

Platform: iPhone, Android


Camera + is the app for the true photographer. Not only does it come with the standard filters and add ons we expect from a photo app, but the camera itself is considered to be superior to the inbuilt iPhone camera. If youre the kind of person who wants to adjust the focus and exposure yourself, this is definitely worth looking at.

Currently $2.49 in the App Store

camera+ app 


Platform: iPhone, Android


Complete with 74 filters, 78 textures and 15 adjustment tools, Afterlight is a must have app fro creating stunning iPhone photos.  With a filter for every type of photo, and 128 types of borders, this is an app with a lot of choice, and a lot of creative freedom.

Currently $1.29 in the App Store. Some filters require additional purchases.

 afterlight app


Platform: iPhone, Android


Snapseed is similar to some of the others in the filters it offers, but it has the added bonus of allowing you to apply edits to a selected part of the screen, as well as the entire image, which gives even great creative control. Snapseed is also quite fun to use; its controls differ from the others somewhat, relying more on swiping the photo than adjusting dials at the bottom, which is a refreshingly different way to create stunning photos.

Free in the App Store.

 snapseed app

Adobe Photo Shop Express

Platform: iPhone, Android


This free app from Adobe contains everything you would expect from an Adobe photo editing app. You can crop your images, straighten rotate and flip, as well as fix blemishes and remove unwanted red eye. While some of the filters in this app arent as detailed as those in the other apps mentioned here, Adobe Photo Shop Express works really well in conjunction with other apps. Perfect your photos here, then highlight them in another app.

Free in the App Store.

 adobe photoshop express

Color Splash

Platform: iPhone, Android


If youve ever seen one of those photos with a black and white back ground, and perfectly red rose in the middle, and wondered how they did it, then chances are, it was with Color Splash. This app works by converting your image to black and white, and then allowing you to colour inthe part you want coloured. Its a bit of fun, and gives an extra edge to your photos.

Currently $1.29 in the App store.

 colour splash app

Slow Shutter Cam

Platform: iPhone


Slow Shutter Cam brings DSLR qualities to your phone by letting you create all kinds of slow shutter speed effects. If youve ever wanted to take amazing photos of fireworks or cars on a freeway at night, or create ghost or waterfall effects, or even just be in control of how much light you allow through the shutter, then this is a must have app.

Its currently only available in the App store, but Android users should check out Camera FV-5.

Currently $1.29 in the App Store.

slow shutter cam app


With the abundance of brilliant photography apps out there, theres no excuse for anyone to not have beautiful looking pictures. Once you’ve beautified your photos on your smartphone with your app of choice, wirelessly connect your phone to your Pringo photo printer and share  your photographic genius with friends and family. 

pringo wifi photo printer



I have a Samsung Phone Wifi Connecting Error

I have a Samsung Smartphone and am getting a WiFi connection error.

To correct this do the following:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Choose Wifi
  3. Tap menu button at the bottom left
  4. Choose Advanced
  5. Go to Auto Network Switch and untick

This should resolve the issue.